I love capturing the dynamics of families.  Special needs families, in particular, are dear to my heart.  We are an autism household here, and throughout our journey I discovered that I was able to take all of these ABA, OT, PT and other therapies that I had to learn for my own son, and make them useful tools for working with other families like ours.  For most special needs families, family photo time can be more stressful and complicated than a typical session.   But there is also this extra special joy in the little moments and tiny victories that other parents might take for granted as part of an ordinary day, the moments that make our mama and daddy hearts sing with determined pride. Sure, that means we may need to spend extra time, or follow special guidelines to make a session successful, but I am entirely up for that and am well trained to deal with anything that could possibly be thrown at me (literally and figuratively :-P)!  I also know the financial stress that many special needs families are under these days and not only do I offer a  20% discount for my special needs clients but I also donate a portion of each session to a local Autism Foundation that provides services here in our county.